Friday, May 30, 2014

How to love a girl who writes: don't

I advice you not to fall in love or try to make fall in love a girl who writes. As a self proclaimed member of this particular group, I say: don't. 

A girl who writes will always find any reason to escape reality. She will find a million ways to make what is happening everything but what it really is. She will romanticize and rationalize at the same time. She will find hidden meaning in your actions, put words in your mouth and make you live to insane expectations. 

Another problem with girls who write is they usually read. We are able to find epic battles, meaningful silences and plot twists everywhere. A girl who writes will make you a character in her life and will strip you from your own identity. A girl who writes will never fall in love with you, she will only fall in love with the idea of you. 

A girl who writes is very volatile. She will be up, down, horny, mad, sad, ecstatic and bored all at the same time. She will cry over nothing. She will drown you in her dark thoughts. She will refuse forever to find the light. She will not be happy over meaningless things. She will not settle for ordinary. I tell you, do not fall in love with a girl who writes. It will be the most exhausting experience and it is not worth it. 

Please pay attention. Do not fall in love with a girl like me. A girl like me will find excuses to make you suffer. She will find ways to torture you because normal, puppy love is nothing when you have a deep passion for literature. Run, hide and find yourself a normal girl. Girls who write are not well in the head. We are not well in the heart either. 

Don't ever try to make a girl who writes fall in love. She will write endless tales and predict your every thought. She will try to manipulate you in order to make you fit the character she decided you'd be from day one. She will be analyzing, all the time. She will find any excuse to feel desperate love. She will use you as an instrument. Do not kid yourself thinking she has no hidden agenda. She will fall in love only to find more things to write about. 

The thing about me, a girl who writes, is that I can't compare anything to the passion of writing. Girls who write are pain junkies. We live for the thrill of feeling desperation in order to find our words. We live to become unattainable, unbearable and never loved. Being loved kills our inspiration. We become like everybody else, and that, for a girl who writes its just like dying. 

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