Sunday, February 15, 2009

I just can't...

I have all this rage bottled up inside. I have this incredible need to make you hurt. I can't believe you had the nerve. How dare you? How dare you come back into my life as if nothing had happened?

You have this way of making me believe you have no idea what this thing really is. You have a way of making things seem so natural I sometimes think we are just meant to be like this. This thing, this twisted, sick thing we have is not destiny. It's not just written in the stars. It's not bigger than you and me. It's just a stupid battle between two stubborn, bored egomaniacs.

I want you out. Out of my life, my heart and my head. I'm done. I can't keep letting you in. I shut the door. This is not fate. This is not just me and you intertwined forever. I can break the bond, I can break this stupid obsession.

I might need time, maybe just one more night. Maybe I just need you to say you love me. Maybe I just need you to break. I don't love you, I just hate that you don't either. I've started to believe you feel the same. I fear this will never come to an end.