Sunday, April 27, 2008

freezing truth

What if I tell the truth? What if I just let this blow up and fill the room? I wish I wouldn't have kissed you that time. I wish I could take it back. It hurts, sometimes, when I can't hold your hand. It hurts even more when she is around. She is always around, does she know? Does she see the way you look at me? Does she see my skin filled with all your kisses? I sometimes feel she knows, she cries at night wishing you didn't want me so bad. You want to break this innocence you think I have, you want to be the first to make me bad. I sometimes wish you could, I sometimes hope you could let me go. I then want to kiss you, to touch you, to be with you. The thing is we are beyond those lies people tell each other. I can't go back to that place where everybody wears a mask and says I love you just because there is nothing left to say. Some say it and it kills me. It kills me to think you say those empty words to her and then look at me and say "I care". Do you really? Am I your long time obsession? When do I become this bottle where all of you put your darkest secrets? Why would I want you all true and naked? Why would I want to be the one who knows the truth behind those lies?

I wish I could be that person. The one who doesn’t let you go and stays. The one who is always there for you and wants to be with you forever. No questions asked, no past to blame. I wish I could erase all those things between us, all those lies we only know the truth about, all the truth that has made this what it is. I hold your hand and feel safe, want to go back. Now I know the truth, I can’t hide behind that door. I stupidly hope for amnesia, for my memory to cave and wash away. I want all those kisses back, all that touching. Then we could start over, fresh. Without the truth, to start lying to one another as we cared. We don’t care anymore, we are beyond breaking, we are beyond those lies that make people fall in love. I want to be that girl sometimes. I want to break all those true words we have spoken. I want to be in the dark with you, I want to start over and find my way into your arms.

We then go back. We try to fight the fact that we both know too much. We both know what makes us smile and what makes us cry. We know the lies we tell others to make them feel we care. We know what we mean when we say all those empty words. We smile, we play, we know what to expect. I know when you feel lonely and you know when I need you to hold me. And then we break, we just know its broken. We know there is no going back, there’s no way to fix it this time. We can’t, we’ve said too many truths, we haven’t lied enough. We stay, naked, without lies to cover up the coldness truth has brought. We stay, hoping this will all vanish and we hopelessly try to warm up with kisses this freezing truth.


Manzana Marina said...

So white and beautiful... but cold like winter. The harder it is the loger it seems. Sometimes I feel like a winter creature, quaint to look at from a warm window but scary to touch with the whiteness of freezing.

El Ojo de Alberto said...

It will be my mind that does not understand to you but it wishes you…