Sunday, July 27, 2008

Letting this go...

I'm letting go. I'm letting go because I'm tired and I'm hurt. I never thought I could feel this way, I never thought you would be the source of this pain. It hurts, too much and too often to let it go. I can deal with not loving, with not liking, with men in general. That doesn't break me, at least not yet. But when it comes to friends, I'm with no protection, walls down, vulnerable. You broke me, you broke what we had and it was beyond repair. I can't see past all that, past our stupid pride, our hurtful words and our actions. I can't. I'm not the forgiving type. I'm sorry. It hurts cause I was stupid and I tried, once and again to get you back. I was stupid enough to think a stupid perfect gift would make it right. I now know it won't, cause you don't like the person I became. I can make peace with that. I understand that. I'm sorry I'm not the fragile little girl you saved over and over again. You left and I had to deal, I had to grow and to find a way to survive. Just as you changed I did. It's nobody's fault, it's just the way it is.
There is difference, though. That is what kills me, what hurts the most. I tried to understand, I couldn't. Maybe I'm not smart enough, who knows? I want to make all of that go away. I want it to be all right. I also know I can't. You once told me I needed to choose, you said I had to. I guess with you is the same. You made your choice. It hurts cause you didn't have to. Cause she is important to me too, cause I will not leave her, I won't. I refuse to choose, I will not. I do not have to.

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