Sunday, March 01, 2009

A leopard can't change his spots

I don't want to lie, and I can't tell the truth. It's over. I don't love you anymore. I know you, I've been you.

I know your kind. I am your kind. We lie, we cheat, we deceive everyone just to feel safe. Around you, I'm safe, nobody can touch me, not even you. I play stupid so no one ever gets any closer. You amuse me. You make me forget how much I care. You make me forget how stupid this whole denial is. You make me forget he is never going to be mine. I then stop thinking about that moment we shared, about that stupid second that changed my life. He will never be mine. Instead I play, I fool around, I pretend. I make you think I care, I make you feel big. Playing this part makes me forget how vulnerable I am to him. Just one word and I'll be at his feet. I would give up every moment I've had with you if he said he couldn't stop thinking about me either. I know that won't happen. So I hide behind you eyes. I hide under your arm. I play this part and then I'm strong.

I'm sorry you'll never get to meet the real me. I'm sorry I used you so I could forget. Even though you don't deserve better. You are just like me. We deserve each other. We are the same kind, we can't hide our true colors. We are what we are and that's why we found each other. Don't try to go all real on me now. We are not that kind. Stop pretending this will last. Stop pretending, just stop pretending. I've been you, I am you. Why bother?

Now that the chase is over we can move on. We can find the next prey. A leopard can't change his spots. Let's just call it a night, and move on.

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