Saturday, January 12, 2008

There are times when all I can say is I love you

I guess we all, in different ways and proportions, have our own battles. We all have our demons. We all, at one point, feel like loosing control. At least I do. We find ourselves put in situations which apparently have no meaning. They do. Everything we do, every little thing we choose, defines ourselves. However, there is always something that goes beyond words, situations, choices and actions. We all have that inner us we will never be able to explain completely. Thats us. That is who we are and what time sometimes changes and models.
There are times when I know I have to fight a battle alone. I now I am not by myself but I am lonely in that particular situation. Nobody can understand exactly what I feel and why I feel it. There is a time where no matter how much some people may love me, they cannot say they understand. There are other times I cannot say that to someone else. I might relate but never be able to fully comprehend what the emotions and thoughts they have are. There are times where all I can say is I love you. There are times where I can only take their hand and be there to hold them. This is one of those times. I love you, I will take your hand, I will hold you. I will be there to catch you. Don't you worry about the height. We'll manage, we'll cope, we'll explode. Because an explosion is not always negative. We will die for love and I'll be there driving you with my fake french accent.
Je t'aime


humantree said...

And the only thing I can say is: THANK YOU.
This is me, crying again... trying not to live in a bubble.

muchas muchas gracias.

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