Thursday, October 11, 2007

You will never love again

I did not ask for this. I never prayed for the thing we share. No matter what I hoped or dreamed of, I got you. We tended to destroy and break each and every part of us. I love you.
We did not need a mature relationship because instead, we have a great story to tell. You broke me beyond repair, I love you even more today. I found you alone and without any signs, we were meant to be as one. You gave me one look and I was yours for good. I tremble, I fear, I never want you to leave. I know now you will never do so.
You feel me as yours and you used me as so. My body, complete, without any regret is yours to take. I want to feel you burn, break. The first time you touched me I felt like catching fire. My body had a new urge, a new addiction, you.
There was one moment only when we both could have said no. But we didn't. It was that instant where my mind thought of all the consequences and scared me like nothing else. Then you kissed me and the world around me vanished. I am yours, there is nothing left to say.
I suddenly realized you were not only mine. You traveled the world, other women's bodies, kissed a hundred lips. I thought I had you, I thought I had touched your soul. I needed to break you even more. Why would you go around making love to them? Am I not enough? What is there to find in anonymous hips?
We do have a great story to tell. I found you in bed with someone else. I first decided to cry, then I said I would not mind, but finally I realized. You need to see what you have, to really see me. I am not the girl you want to mess with. That is for sure. I climbed in bed with her. Kissed and touched someone else. I just wanted to see the look on your face. You had fire in your eyes, you felt invincible, untouchable. You had finally turned the good little girl into a dirty little woman. I had fun, I must admit. However, there was one part I enjoyed the most.
I found a beautiful blade just beside your bed. Trust me when I say, you will never love again.


*~PinkTangerine~* said...

Ouch! Thats got to hurt!

humantree said...

how twisted and sick!!!
i love your twists and your sickness, which is not yours... by the way... estás aquí y TE AAAADOOOOOROOOOOO

my favorite escritora.