Monday, November 27, 2006

Hate crappy days, hate crappy people and hate people who blame others of their own misery. Today I GOT ALL OF THAT IN LESS THAN 2 HOURS! Imagine my thrill...
I started going to that dark place I hated so much. But I realized I've got enough sadness on my own to add up bitterness. I refuse to become what she wants me to be. I will not be the person he is. I won't be any of them.

How much hate, regrets and frustration should one have in order to say such hurtful and bitter words? Don't want to be that person, so I've stablished some ground rules:

1. If you hate your life so much... leave. If you stay, then shut up.
2. Its not my fault, last time I checked I was the daughter.
3. I don't care if your life sucks, don't try to make mine suck too just because you're bittered.
4. Get the hell away from me, stop hurting and begin healing.
5. I'm done with guilt.


Anonymous said...

You know what my comments are... Luv ya very much. Glass half-full from now on...

humantree said...

punto no. 5 que no se olvide, ¡NUNCA! y pues... igual que el amiguito, no voy a repetir. T.A.

Manzana Marina said...

6. I'll smile.
7. Go back to no.5

Courage petite étoile, la vie, c'est gratuit, on va se resservir!! J't'm.