Monday, November 20, 2006

Estamos caminando en círculos....

I find myself going back to that place
I'm just lost, can't find myself
I have no name, have no soul
Remembering the lies I once told
Playing with fire, getting burnt
Love the feeling of control

I find my mind travelling miles away
I find myself crying once again

How much do I need to cry?
How hard, how bad?
I need a clean start,
I need a brand new heart

I need you to let me go
Stop the lies, tell the truth
Don't give me that kiss
Please don't make this real

I can't stop now
Here we go, back to one
All I can do is hold on tight
Just stay here, next to my heart

The wound just keeps bleeding
My heart just stops beating
As your hands touch my skin
My body trembles, I can feel

I can't do this anymore
Go away, leave me alone
I can't love what I never had
I can't keep giving you my life


Anonymous said...

If you truly believe that you are inside that box, maybe you should crack a window to take a look around and notice that, you know, it really isnt so.

humantree said...
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humantree said...

jump and dance out of the circle, then if you fall you just need to stand up and keep on dancing... "it feels like, electricity!"... there's no need for repetition, nor for that pic.
luvya bb.