Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I had this feeling

I'm walking down the street and I hear my name being called out loud. It's a familiar voice but I cannot pin point exactly who's voice it is. I turn, I find you. After all of these years I find you, a husband with a new town house. I can't help but look at your left hand. It's filled with a life. A life without me, a story that does not have my name typed anywhere.

I will not lie. It hurts. It hurts to realize I don't know a damn thing about you. I only know what any person that has ever seen your facebook knows. You got married, you have 2 kids. You know about me the same things all my lost acquaintances read on my facebook page. I feel like somebody punched me on the stomach. I miss my breath.

After the politically corrects how you've beens and the rutinary kid's picture showing, we stay quiet for a minute. It feels like ages. It feels like I've been in silence for a decade.

-Would you like to grab a coffee? I've just finished a meeting and I could use the distraction.-
-Sure, I've got an hour or two to kill. -

We find a small coffee place a few blocks from the place we bumped with each other. You look at me as if I was this rare creature you cannot believe you found. My heart skips a beat. My head starts spinning. I feel like I'm 18 again. It feels like the first time we ever held hands.

Time flies. We don't realize it until your wife calls.

-Sorry. That reminds me. I don't have your current phone number. It would be great to catch up. Maybe set up a couple's dinner. I hear your husband is funny.-
-Yes he is. He makes me laugh at the stupidest things.-
-So... your number?-

I get this feeling. It's like I'm doing something I'm not supposed to do. I give it anyways. I mean, we're friends... right? This is harmless... right?

-Hello, it Mark. How you've been?-
-Ohh... Mark... ehm... good. How about you?-
-Great! Actually, the funniest thing just happened. Just as I run into you after years, I get this amazing tickets to the theater and my wife can't make it. She's sick... with the flu.-
-Ohh... mmm.. what play?-
-That musical we saw years ago, when we were still in college.-
-Ohh... I love it. Yes! I mean... hmm.. (what the hell). Yes-
-Should I pick you up at 7?-
-Don't be silly. I'll meet you there. Send me the address.-

I get this strange feeling. I lost everything. I got you back. 

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