Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sometimes she wonders

She had been wondering. She had thought about his hands. She had spent way too much time thinking about his lips. She hadn't noticed how much time she had been thinking of him. Sometimes she wonders when was that turning point. When was it when her mind started to trace back every second they had spent together.

Once upon a time he could have loved her. Once upon a time she could have taken a chance. She could have jumped off a bridge. She could have given him a chance. She could have.

She started to guess how much time he spent thinking of her. Did he? Does he? Does he think of her. Does he wonder she might be the one he can love. She made a mistake. One little mistake that has marked her forever. Scarlett letter. We think we have moved forward, we think we have evolved. We still think as if we were in the beginning of time. She has been labeled. She can't turn back time.

They met once. They kept meeting in random places. They kept running into each other. This had to be written in the stars. It was destiny, it was meant to be. How long has it been?

Once you've been broken, there is no way to hide it. Once you've been labeled as common, you can never erase that word. She wishes she were one of kind. She wishes someone will notice her in a crowd. It's not possible. We still brand people as cattle. We still judge people as if we had never made a mistake.

She made one mistake, she had been in love. She made one mistake, she had been blue. She has been in the dark for too long. She's afraid of the dark. She's afraid of loving. She's afraid of being hurt. The funny thing is she has been hurt, she has loved and she's always been in the dark. She loved him. Desperate, can't-breathe kind of love.

Now she remembers. Now she wonders. Would anyone find her and think of her of anything but ordinary? She's been labeled, she's been branded, she's ordinary.

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*~PinkTangerine~* said...

She has never been something, anything, not up close or from afar, that looks like ordinary.