Monday, November 10, 2008

That's all I needed to hear...

Whatever it means, I'm in. Wherever it takes me, I'll ride. Whenever it ends, I'll try. You said it, you finally wanted to be with me. You said you loved me. You did it, you finally did it and that was all I needed to hear.

We were surrounded by so many people. Your hands were strong, your voice steady. You did not hesitate for one second. It didn't matter, for the first time, in so long, you didn't care so many people were looking. You said it. You finally said it.

At first, I froze, I didn't know what to say. I couldn't believe it, I had wanted this for so long. Then, I felt anger. Why would you wait so long? Why would you break me so many times to realize we belong together? Why would you come around so late in the game? We are through, we were over. We can't love each other. Not now, not after all we went through. Finally, I felt this huge weight lifted over my shoulders. I realized I had no choice. I've been fighting for so long I didn't see what this really meant. You really noticed me when I wasn't around. You really wanted me when you were sure you had lost me. Is that really love? Is that really what I wanted? How stupid. How stupid I was. You don't love me, you want me to love you. You have this urge to posses me, not love me. You've always known, in the back of your head, I'd always be there to pick up the pieces.

The day you realized I wasn't waiting for you in the dark, you felt lost. I've always been your anchor, your north. Once you couldn't find me, you felt heartbroken. That's not love. At least I get to say no. At least I now know I was right all along. I'm not the love of your life. I'm everything you were too coward to want. I'm your long time obsession, I'm your most valued possession. This ends tonight, I'm done with this stupid lie.

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