Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Stupid blind love...

I got my answer. Just not the one I hoped for. Yeap, Im standing all alone, with my stupid bandage and a broken heart.

Poor little me wishing for the best
stupid little me, hoping to forget
angry little me crying my eyes out for you
foolish little me wishing it wasn't true

I thought I could be the one,
not just another fling that dies
I thought this wouldn't be the same,
but the only difference is I care
I fell, deep, hard and without return
I trusted I fucking believed I would

I believed I would be loved,
not just used and thrown,
I believed in those stupid words
those you said and meant the world
many times said,
surely never meant.


*~PinkTangerine~* said...

"I wish you blue birds in the spring to gve your heart a song to sing, and then a kiss, but more than this, I wish you love.." I care sis, hugs..

humantree said...

hugs and hugs for the little star,
alomejor no es apropiado pero...
te salió re-bonito.

Manzana Marina said...

L'ombre du passé montre à l'imagination la direction, alors imagine, invente, crée, construis, n'oublie pas, transforme_le en quelque chose de merveilleux, en art, en beauté.

Pato said...

todo los sentimientos q tienes aveces como tristeza, desesperacion, coraje, felicidad, desilucion, soledad, desamor, etc q todos los sentimos en algun momento los puedes dirigir a algo creativo e increible. confia en ti. me importa y me importas tqm Pato