Thursday, July 27, 2006

I woke up a little worried today. I realized I have never been in a stable relationship. I mean I KNEW that, but it sort of hit me today. I've never received flowers, I've never gone out on a date, I've never received a drunk call... haha. Is that totally necesary? I mean... is that something I must experience in order to say I've been in love? So.. if I have never gone through that I've never felt what love is? Its kind of sad... because I think I've been close to love, its just that I've never experienced it back. I thought that if I changed the way I looked I would be loved...turns out I didnt. I thought that if I behaved differently I would be loved... well I wasnt. So now, Im in the middle of nowhere, hoping for someone to see me and not through me. Sometimes it feels like that, it feels like I'm this thing that everyone uses but never really treasures. Im like the reliable pencil which is always there but you never really notice how long you have had it and you would never keep in a special drawer or box. It feels like Im not as special as I thought I were. That's actually what makes me cry. I want to feel special, but Im not. Im not sad, dont get me wrong. However, I think is kind of nice to know that someone is in love with you, that sees you and his world trembles. I always say I dont want it, but the truth is I do. I want to hold hands, I want to be the one that gets a kiss in public, not the one who is taken to the shadows. I want to stop being the desire that is kept in silence.

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Manzana Marina said...

The Beatles were wrong. All you need is not love: all you need is you.
=) Marina