Monday, October 10, 2011

I made my bed. I might as well lay on it. I said enough, I said no more. You've moved on. Just like you said you would. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done. Don't get me wrong, I do not regret getting over you. I do not regret letting you go. I'm happy you're happy. I'm just sad I'm still sad. It wasn't you who made me sad or prevented me from smiling. It was myself. I'm starting to realize I was with you because it was easier to blame it all on you. When I was with you I could curse your name a hundred times, I could hang it all over your head. The truth is I miss having someone to blame. I miss not holding the cards. Now I do. Now I don't want you around, I don't miss talking to you. It hurts. It hurts that I didn't try hard enough, that I didn't fight. It hurts to realize you have the courage to be with someone else. It hurts to notice you were never as invested in me as I was in you. It hurts because I didn't let you. I mean, I know you still think I'll be here when you want me to be. It hurts to know I won't, that I will have to say it out loud and we'll be over forever. I do. I mean, I know it but you don't. I've lost all this love I had for you. I lost it and I can't find it. I can't feel it, I can't hear it and I sure as hell can't say it.
There's really not much to say. I mean, I'm still alone. I'm still the girl that once fell in love with you, but now I'm out of love with you. That's the only difference. I have nothing left to feel, not for you, not for anyone. I'm such a mess, and frankly, for the first time in my life that mess ain't yours. For the first time you can't clean it up because it has nothing to do with you. It's my mess. It's mine to clean up.
For a second there I had this urge to tell you about it. I had this uncontrollable need to put my head over your shoulders and cry about it. The truth is you've never been that person for me, but I used to think you were. But then I realize you've never been in my life. You've never fully committed as part of my life. You've always been half way my friend, sort of my lover and partly the love of my life. You've never jumped, I've never fallen.
You stand there as if there's nothing to talk about. You are hurt, I know it. You will never tell. You will never recognize I have a strange power over you. I've made my peace with it. I've taken my memories, and accepted defeat.
I heard you're with someone. I heard you've been parading her all over town, proudly. You never did that with me. You never had the courage to step out of the shadows. I didn't have it either. I guess you'll get tired of her eventually, like you always do. I guess you'll try and fail to become a better man, like you always do. I guess I'll be trying to become the best version of myself and fail miserably too.
However, there's this voice in the back of my head. This silent whisper that repeats over and over, I don't love you anymore. I tried so hard to shut it up. I couldn't. I tried so freaking hard to love you, to make myself feel something. I didn't. It hurts as hell to realize I can't love you. Not like this. Not this time.
I'm terribly sorry I didn't try harder. I really am. I'm sorry I never told. I'm sorry I had this journey alone. I'm sorry I got over you with every lie and every truth you ever said. I can't say if it were the lies or the truth that made me stop loving you. I can't tell. The thing is, I don't need or want you in my life anymore. I wish I could. I really do. I wish I could have you forever. The truth is I won't and you will never know.

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