Sunday, May 03, 2009

When we get lonely we start asking stupid questions. We start wondering what could have happened had we acted in different ways in the past. We start finding mistakes we never made. We start thinking all our rights might have been wrongs.

I hate getting lonely. I hate looking around me and finding that I've become this sure thing. I'm always the single one. People have just stopped asking. People have just came to the conclusion I'll never need an extra ticket for a wedding. People just know I'll be filling the fifth seat in the car. People know I'm the one to call when they break up, when they need to talk or go shopping.

I hate being so dependable. I hate being the one who's always being set up. I hate being the "single friend" you have to meet. I hate being this great catch nobody wants to get. I hate being so damn good, so damn nice, so damn intelligent. I'm tired. I'm tired of being too much for everyone. I'm tired of waiting for someone to be good enough. I just need someone to be good.


*~PinkTangerine~* said...

Its not so terrible to be the one people calls when they need to go shopping or need a helping hand or a friendly ear..I mean, I don't see the wrong in it. In fact, I think its kinda nice. Maybe its my own point of view but trust me, it sucks when youre the last to know, never trusted enought to be called when the situation requieres and never invited to go shopping. Thats terrible. =)

humantree said...

Mejor cúrate y deja de pensar y de lamentarte... a recargar energías y regresar al battlefield, porque esa es la única salida. Levantarse y volver, y si otra vez te caes, ya te volverás a parar. Life, they call it. TE ADORO