Sunday, September 09, 2007


Take me to that place where we used to hide. Take me back to those memories where I had nothing to hide. I want to return to that place where my sarcastic and ironic ways were long gone. I want to remember the time when I used to love you unconditionally and sincerely. I cannot take all this hurting back.
Its easier to fake, to pretend. We play a game that has killed our souls. I'm incapable of love. Thanks to you, to your undying love. I though I was over with these childish games, words and lies. I wanted to feel something. Your hands all over me, even in my dreams. Your eyes looking at me, the real me. I'm naked, vulnerable and broken.
I could have just walked away. I shouldn't have stayed. I did and you stabbed my soul. Little by little, it broke. You were there but never knew. I have never felt so profoundly disappointed. You lied systematically, repeatedly. I have nothing but pain for you. Come and get it. Come and find out how much I really love you. Take my word, I will break you. I will make you feel empty, kill all your hopes and then give you some more pain. I will love you like nobody else.


Manzana Marina said...

It's not about where you are or who you are with but the little star you have inside.

Tyler Durden said...

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