Monday, June 26, 2006

'cause life.... sucks

So I've decided boys are stupid. Its not me, its not their fault, they're just plain stupid. There!! I've said it...I feel liberated.. OK...not all of them, it's just I've come across some pretty stupid ones lately so I needed to get that out of my chest.

I'll write a little poem
It's for you all who think have touched me
I'll tell you all what I should have said
a long time ago when my heart wasn't dead

For you, my all time friend I say,
For you my dirty little secret I confess,
Finally for you, my so-called soulmate I regret

I can play, I can make you believe
It's been fun I most admitt
But I'm getting tired of the game
Its just always the same

I dont believe what you say
Give your easy words to somebody else
Give your fake bright eyes to someone who cares
Make someone else belive you'll be there
when we both know you'll be elsewhere

I let you touch my little fragile soul
You broke it and never knew
You made me tremble inside
You made my heart feel warm
You tip-toed your way in
and helped me back to sleep
you made me feel I could belive
that life is something meant to be
Too bad it was just all a dream

1 comment:

Mugrali said...

Ok, ok, este no es tu mejor momento, y los hombres pueden ser verdaderamente insensibles e inmaduros, igual que nosotras.
Tú como el ave fenix querida.